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DIVX Joiner, DIVX Merger, DIVX Combiner

What is DIVX? It is a kind of mpeg4 format. You get the same video quality as DVD while keep 1/10 of the size.

To Join DivX files,  please download Open Video Joiner. You can use the video joiner as DIVX Joiner, DIVX Merger, DIVX Combiner to join divx, merge divx, or combine divx files.

Decoder and encoder requirements: the DivX codec.

output format: AVI

How to join divx files:

1. Click the Add Video button, select the DivX files.

2. Click the Options button to change the output file name, frame rate, frame size, resize mode, audio compressor or video compressor.

To change each transition and the transition duration, click the Transition button or rightclick a divx in the list.

You may start to merge/combine/join divx files directly without any configuration.

To view each DIVX file, doubleclick a DivX file in the list, Window Media Player will play it automatically.

To preview the transition effect and the output DIVX sequence, click the Preview button. The duration of each DivX is limited in 10 seconds for your preview the output quickly.

3. At last click the Join button to join DIVX files.

Feature: Best quality.

If the DivX file extension is *.avi, please download AVI JOINER. It can combine divx files without recompression or re-encoding. The output divx file does not have any quality loss. But input divx files must have same frame size, frame rate and parameters. The joining speed is the fastest.


DIVX Joiner, DIVX Merger, DIVX Combiner can join divx, merge divx, or combine divx.

On2 codec is developed by On2 Technologies. They say the video compression is over Windows Media 9, Real 10, H.263, H.264, MPEG-4. On2 encoder delivers better quality video at lower data rates. On2 codec is widely used on web video sharing, live webcasting, video VoIP, live two-way video instant messaging, satellite and mobile video, video surveillance, IPTV, and distance learning. You can combine avi with on2 format.

To join ON2 files, or merge other video formats to ON2, Please install ON2 VP6 or On2 codec VP7.


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