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GIF Joiner, GIF Merger, GIF Combiner

What is GIF? Graphics Interchange Format. It is a bitmap graphic format for images with up to 256 distinct colors from the over 16 million colors in 24 bit rgb. The format was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web. GIF are compressed images, which reduces the amount of time it takes to transfer images over a network connection.

To join GIF files to a video file,  please download GIF Slide Show. You can use the gif slide show as GIF Joiner, GIF Merger, GIF Combiner to join gif, merge gif, or combine gif files.

Encoder requirements: avi encoder such as DivX codec or XviD

output format: AVI

How to join or merge .gif files:

1. Click the Add Photo button, select the GIF files.

2. Click the Add Music button, select the music files such as wav, wma, mp3,  mp2, mpa, au, aif, snd, aiff.

3. Press the Options button to change the output file name, frame rate, frame size, resize mode, audio compressor or video compressor.

4. Press the Transition button to set transition if needed. Or right-click each gif item in the photo list to set transition and its durations.

Adjust gif files sequence with the buttons .

5. Use the Preview button to see the joining/merging/combining effect.

6. Use the Convert button to output avi file.


GIF Joiner, GIF Merger, GIF Combiner can join gif, merge gif, or combine gif.

How to convert / burn GIF to VCD?

How to convert / burn GIF to DVD?


PNG is Portable Network Graphics, a bitmap picture format that uses lossless data compression. it was created to improve or replace the GIF format with an photo file format which does not require a patent license. The Joiner does not merge png files directly, please first launch Windows Paint or Adobe Photoshop to convert png to gif, then combine png files with the merger.

There are more graphic formats such as CIN, EXR, ILBM, PBM, RGBA, SVGZ, XAR.


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